Why is Medical Factoring So Hot Now?

Managing a medical office is difficult, especially from a financial perspective, and this situation has been made much more of a challenge due to the Affordable Care Act. Fortunately, one of the most significant – and most common – sources of cash flow problems can be fixed with the right solution. Slow-paying medical claims The […]

Tips for Creating a Business Plan

Over the years I have seen a number of business plans. The quality of those plans range from a sketch on a napkin to a professional presentation. I love the author’s tips on putting the plan together. Also, make sure you cater the business plan to the audience that you are presenting. Whether it’s an […]

More Facebook Algorithm Changes

Facebook continues to make changes to their algorithms which affect businesses that use it as a way to connect with their market. It is important to understand the changes so you can fine tune your company’s social media marketing plan. Here is what Facebook had to say: “As part of an ongoing survey, we asked […]

Is the US Stock Market Rigged?

Is the US Stock Market Rigged?  Michael Lewis’ new book Flash Boys comes out today. It’s all about the confusing world of high-frequency, algorithmic trading. The first 45 seconds are the key part, wherein he explains the mechanism by which high-frequency traders get ahead of retail orders so as to inflate the price you have […]

Vendor Love: 24/7/365

Every business needs vendors who can supply them with what they want and need. Why, then, are so many customer/vendor relationships often adversarial, or non-complementary? It is puzzling, yet true. Changing this oppositional approach is a matter of deliberately redefining the customer/vendor relationship. Your message to your vendors should be that you need their help […]

As the Year Winds Down

As the year winds down, and the momentum of the holidays takes over…and the days seem to fly by faster than ever, it’s a good time to reflect on the past year and look ahead. While you are filling your calendar with visiting family and friends and attending holiday gatherings, take this time to also […]