Take advantage of our new innovative program that will allow you to sell your annuity for immediate lump sum cash now. Whether you want to sell:

  • All of your payments
  • Some of your payments
  • A certain portion of each incoming payment

Benefits to Our Program:

  • Combat an unexpected change or big expense in your life with instant liquidity
  • Customized options based on each personal situation
  • Cash out your inherited annuity
  • Allows you to better position assets for transfer to heirs
  • Opportunity to avoid high surrender charges
  • World Class customer service

As a guideline, the following information is helpful when requesting a quote. Even if you don’t have all the information, call us and we can guide you.

Information You Will Need When Requesting a Quote for a Fixed Annuity:

  1. First payment date
  2. Last guaranteed payment date
  3. Payment amount
  4. Payment frequency (e.g. monthly, annual, etc.)
  5. Insurance company name
  6. Annuity Policy Number