What Instrument Do YOU Play in the Band?

Whether we’re talking about an orchestra, quintet, or a duo…it is all music, played by each member of the band. In a business sense, I like to think of the various positions in an organization as being very similar to that of a band. With a band, each instrument has a certain sound or purpose, and requires specific skills, much like the different positions and departments in an organization. When everyone in the organization is in sync, the “music” flows, and the different instruments blend like a band.

What instrument do YOU play in the band? Do the owners, board of directors and shareholders truly know the scope of the company’s customer involvements?

Are Operations and Customer Service really linked? What percentage is spent on each of those departments, and why? How about Sales and Marketing? Does what they do accurately match the goals of the organization? What percentage of expenditures is allotted to areas like Advertising? Sales? Marketing? Why?

Emergency Preparedness: Is there a budget for it, and is there a Disaster Recovery plan in place in the event of a physical or weather related catastrophe? Who is responsible for developing, executing and monitoring the plan?

Employee Selection: Does the company seek and hire the right people for the job? What are the specific performance expectations for employees? Are they trained to do their jobs? Is there ongoing training and development for new and older employees? As part of their training, does the company empower employees to skip the “Act of Congress” approach in solving customer problems? Are employees trusted to resolve mistakes and problems without waiting until the boss returns from vacation, or from a meeting out of town?

Conceptually, all of the above is so simple and basic; yet, it is almost revolutionary and is rarely done in many potentially good organizations. Even though many companies think they do it, they clearly don’t. It requires the crystallization of everyone in the “band” looking at the same sheet music, being on the same page.

It is doing what really matters, what everyone wants to be and do at work, and how every customer wants to be treated. With that consciousness, with that culture in an organization, there is no “music” that resonates as loudly and as melodiously throughout the different departments.

To keep our companies growing, developing and prospering, we must blend the music among departments. We must play our instrument in the band, and make a concerted effort to do our part in making the music of the organization flow.

Douglas Crotty is a business consultant and freelance writer in Gainesville, FL. He has had an extensive career in business management, sales & marketing and organizational leadership.

Doug’s passions are developing customer/vendor relationships, strengthening organizational continuity, and helping businesses grow. His column pieces and articles have appeared in numerous business publications, community magazines, social media websites and blogs. He can be reached at 352-331-8849 (O), 352-213-2555 (C), or doug.crotty@gmail.com.